So Arturo and I went to Paris at the end of May 2013. By the time we took the trip we had been married for almost 6 months, so I guess we still saw ourselves as newlyweds (It was a great pretext that gave us good tables at restaurants and free champagne!...I know, it’s probably wrong...) Anyways this was our first journey to Europe together; we were finally heading to my hometown Mallorca with a pre stop in Paris. I couldn't wait to take Arturo around and visit all my favourite streets, corners and cafes. As you may expect we were very excited, you could even say we were blooming...but maybe that’s too cheesy. It’s hard not to be cheesy in Paris, but I assure we tried hard not to be it, I mean, it rained for four days straight, what could possibly be cheesy about walking through the rainy streets of Paris?

The whole thing went very fast but we managed to get a few shots as we hurried around the city attempting to squeeze in all the sites. Used a 5D mark III and a 50mm f/1.2 (no stabilizer sorry!) and real super 8 film footage that we captured with a DIY telecine using some cardboard and a sheet of wax paper.