Over a month ago we had published an article letting you know about our next project destination in Africa. It was safe to say the project was well on its way but now nearing the departure date and with the plane tickets on hand, we are starting to feel the thrill and emotions that surface when you're about to start a project like this.

It has been great doing all the research about the area, the geography, the animals, the history and the culture to be able to get a grasp of this place that Winston Churchill once called the Pearl of Africa because of its stunning green valleys, vast lakes and tall mountains. With the knowledge down, the vaccinations done, the locations set and a rough script for our story, we are about to embark on this incredible journey and hopefully capture it all in a series of videos. We will be shooting uncompressed RAW on three 5D Mark III's and the DJI phantom 2 with a GoPro Hero 3 Black for the aerial shots.

We will be vlogging behind the scenes footage following the crew while we work so be sure to subscribe below!

For now we leave you with HOPE, a powerful film which revisits the plight of the critically endangered mountain gorillas in the rift valley region of Africa which we will be filming and photographing! This film is sponsored by Craghoppers adventure clothing and voiced by Sir David Attenborough!