With technology getting better, smaller and cheaper people now have access to tools that allow them to achieve amazing things with relatively small effort. DJI was the first company to democratize aerial photography & videography for everyone. I say everyone because I know expert drone pilots are cringing right now so let me rephrase: DJI and their phantom quadcopter together with GoPro have become SO popular and affordable that now pretty much any serious filmmaker either has one or is looking to get one asap! We of course could not stay behind and with this post we want to commemorate the addition of our newest gadget to our filmmaking arsenal! Behold! the DJI Phantom 2 + H3-D3 Gimbal & FPV system!

We are super excited to get our aerial photography and cinematography on! And yesterday we had our chance! Since we are in Mallorca for one more week of what has been the end of a beautiful summer, we had the opportunity to shoot a couple of real estate videos of some absolutely AMAZING houses. Here is a still from the footage:

Today we continue working (by working I mean flying what looks like a little UFO, in ocean front houses, in Spain, in the summer. Did I mention it's summer?) In all seriousness it's hard work and we hope to be showing you the final cut very soon. If you've flown before then by all means we recommend you get right into it! fly under bridges, in between trees, scare your neighbours, go nuts! no but seriously don't be afraid to get close! after all, those are the shots that will look the best! However if its your first time make sure you start in an open field with plenty of space. Unmount the GoPro and unplug the gimbal! (the motor will burn if it has no weight) and most importantly make sure you check out MicBergsma's youtube channel. He knows the DJI phantom and GoPro setup very well and has great tips like how and when to calibrate your compass, how to fly so you don't get flicker or propellers in the shot and your GoPro settings for different scenarios. His videos are a lot of fun!

Here is Arturo before flying the drone out into a sunny cove of Puerto d'Andratx in Palma de Mallorca.

Aside from the quadcopter we tried out a few new lenses like the Canon 800mm and the Canon 100mm Macro which are both GREAT. Super sharp and AF + USM pretty much let you shoot handheld (if you are running and gunning!). Oh I almost forgot, the suitcase for the phantom is made by KPsport Outdoor and comes tailored for the drone with 3 compartment levels for batteries, chargers, GoPros & accessories. Anyways we hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven't already, GET YOUR AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY ON!