we talk!

Send us an email and tell us what you're working on. No need for a lot of detail–just some words about your project and how you see us helping. Next, we'll find out more. We want to know why you're excited about your product/business. We'll set aside some time to talk and we'll discuss things like timeline and budget.

we start to get creative

So we've talked, and we like each other and the idea of potentially working together. Now we’ll write up a treatment. This is a short piece of text—usually less than a page—where we describe to you the concept and explain the thinking behind our idea. Once you are happy with this treatment, we'll write up a script that lays it out in detail and plan for what resources we will need to achieve it.


We start building the team! We scout the best locations to film, we schedule shoot days and we enlist all the talented people we may need ranging from awesome cinematographers, production designer, set decorators, to actors dancers, stunt drivers, pyrotechnics! Then we shoot using the best equipment on the planet! 


This is where your video comes to life! We cut, paste, trim, move things around, add high end visual effects, motion graphics, animation, lettering, original music composition or licensing, color correction and grading until your video is a perfect all around work of art!

that's it! ok, not really but real quick it's important

-We make all kinds of videos from small start-up product based web videos to to brand heavy TV commercials.
-When we quote you an amount of money for the work, that amount is all-inclusive. Generally, we like a deposit of half that amount to get going, so we're not out-of-pocket for the shoot, and we'll collect the rest when we deliver. Standard stuff.
-When we make a video for you, the assets we create belong to you, and are yours to use as you see fit, although we should agree in advance on where your video is intended to be seen. That is to say, if you plan to buy air time and broadcast the video on TV as a commercial, we should know this at the beginning because the people who make and appear in TV commercials work for different rates than people who make video for the web.

Last thing you should know is that you can be as large or as small a part of the process as you like. Some clients enjoy brainstorming creative ideas and others want no part of that. If you already have an agency that's ok too! Some of our favorite collaborations are with agencies! We will sit down with them and work hand in hand! The point is, we're here to work with you.

ok this is really it! Thank you for getting this far!